Despite people copying me and being able to see the privates of my business, I’m going to give you an exclusive tour behind the scenes of 3 small affiliate businesses that earn $100, $200 and $600 per month.

Without any experience, I’ve built these ‘projects’ mostly for fun. But after reading lots of four-hour-workweek lifestyle-design and entrepreneur/hacker books, I decided to run my side projects better and make some money.

My businesses
sell things without ever touching them
require almost no start-up capital <<$100
require no time to maintain - i.e. the businesses will sell $1,000 every month, whether I spend 40 hours or 0 hours on them.
complete automation - like a Tim Ferris 'Cash Muse'

I don't know about you, but when I finished the 4-hour workweek, I felt cheated. Yeah, dreamlines and Target Monthly Income are nice, but I spent several years struggling to build a $5,000 per month 'muse' like Tim's BrainQuicken, and it never materialized. 2 years after reading Tim's book, I still had $0 in automated income.

Here's the truth: A muse requires patient effort and a process to create.

Think about it. If muses were easy to create, everyone would have them, and everyone would be new-rich, location-independent uber-bloggers. I want to shatter that illusion right now, and illuminate the gritty, less-than-sexy process behind a successful, fully-automated ‘muse’.

My friends are always curious about how an affiliate business can make money, and it’s pretty exciting to wake up some mornings and find your businesses printed $50 or $100 for you while you slept.

I would show my friends the different sides of the businesses, how I get traffic, how much each site sells, how the websites work, and I decided the best way to share that experience with more people was to make a course. So I’ve put together videos, screenshots and text to recreate that experience of looking over my shoulder while I explain the business model, and how the parts fit together.

You can watch the videos and work through the course at your own pace, and come back for reference any time. There’s also a Lifetime, Money-Back Guarantee. If you are unable to create a hands-free automated cash flowing muse after using the course, you deserve your money back. I want people to create more of these kinds of businesses, because they are actually valuable to people (as you learn in the business model, in Part 3), and at the same time get people started down the path that Tim Ferriss and others promise, but fall short on delivering.

This course is the missing roadmap to guide an entrepreneur step-by-step from $0 to $500 per month, on the side of a regular full-time job or as a full-time student.

Full Contents Include:

Part 1

How the affiliate sites started and grew

Part 2

How they work

Extra Bonus: Part 3

How you can make your own affiliate sites
-The business model common to all my successful sites
-Make a sale by tomorrow, start your first site for less than $20
-What to expect in terms of hours of work in vs. dollars of automated income out per month

How to Buy This Course

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You will get an email to your email address with the website and password to access the course.

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edit May 18, 2013
Fastest, cheapest way to get massive performance gains on wordpress site is to combine Hyper Cache with DB Cache Reloaded Fix.

A few months ago…
My shared hosting provider, iPage, offers me an Akamai CDN (content delivery network) for $2.95 per month.
Seeking faster page load times, I pounce on the offer.

My site load time goes from a consistent 5 seconds to a anywhere between 4 to 8+ seconds… on a good day.

I call and chat back-and-forth with support, and get no better results. I insist on being removed from this ‘service’ and refunded the money they charged me to slow my website down. No dice.

So I started solving the problem.

Day 1
RackSpace, MediaTemple, CDNs
I scour the web for rankings of hosts based on speed. I discover there are 2 kinds of web hosts: SLOW, cheap hosts (iPage, FatCow) and FAST, EXPENSIVE hosts (RackSpace). The latter start at $30 / mo, and charge exorbitant bandwidth, storage, and service fees. They do not guarantee page load times.

Day 2
I read about Amazon Web Services (AWS), which gets 99.9% uptime, and is free.

Day 3
I spend a Saturday afternoon on a linux command line, learning linux commands and installing wordpress and phpmyadmin on an AWS instance.

Day 4-5
I find shortcuts to brutishly hack together MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, and WordPress on the same AWS instance. I point my nameservers… and the site doesn’t work.

Day 6
DNS resolves. I iron out php/mysql problems and notice my site doesn’t seem much faster.

I test the site on Pingdom and get the following result:

It’s either 200 ms – better than 97% or 400 ms – better than 96% on Pingdom at any time of the week. The screenshot above was before I finished optimizing .htaccess.

and another common testing tool:

If you want to get your WordPress sites <1 second, email me -t o m or leave a comment.

I’ve transformed from 5-8 second page loads to .2-.4 second page loads in <10 days by reading guides around the internet, experimenting, and learning from a few failures.

In sum: Amazon cloud services are less expensive, accessible from around the world (all major cities load my site in under 2.5 seconds), and feature 99.9% uptime.


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spam your entire gmail contacts list. Swallow your moral compass. export gmail contact list to .csv. open the .csv in textedit or notepad. highlight all of ‘em, and copy. paste on dropbox referrals page.(You could also give dropbox your gmail password on this page, and save the time of all these steps.) Now you literally [...]

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